GS Italia supplies machinery for the preparation and packaging of fresh, pasteurized and frozen foods. The company handles all stages of machinery development: design, production, installation and start-up. It is able, thanks to the technology of the plants and the professionalism of its technical staff, to implement the study and the manufacturing of special lines on a specific request of the client and to offer good support in the search for the best solution for the many problems related to the production and the packaging of food products.

The company was founded by Giulio Scandroglio in 1982 and in 2000 it was renewed and grew by moving to its new plant in Marnate (VA). Its production has always been supported by a high degree of technical and professional expertise, which currently employs software systems and robotics integration; all this allows the company to be competitive in the international market. At present, the company exports 80% of its production.









Technology from us... never stops.

The company is a leader in the design of plants for the production of sauces; in particular, it specialises in the field of mayonnaise and ketchup and, with over 5000 plants worldwide, is able to supply the technology for the preparation and preservation of the finished product with complete plants, from production to packaging in glass jars, tubes, tubs, buckets and single-dose sachets.

It manufactures volumetric fillers and volumetric dosing units (from 10 up to 5000 cc), time-controlled, manual or automatic to be installed on ad hoc designed or pre-existing production lines. Entirely made of stainless steel, they are suitable for liquid, pasty and semi-dense products; they have various types of hoppers and interchangeable nozzles depending on the products to be dosed. The company also produces lines for the preparation of salads with mayonnaise and jelly (Russian salad, capricciosa, etc.) and relative vacuum packing, with a 90-day preservation guarantee.

Automatic sandwich production line with robotised positioning and cutting