Maxi Form


The versatile machine for the forming of stuffed products received another upgrade. A pushing system controlled by an inverter takes the place of the old screw conveyors, which could break the rice during the production of croquettes. This new system allows to push more delicate and continues without badly stress the treated products. The production is significantly increased can get to produce about 60/65 pieces/minute of products up to 120 gr. A further amendment relates to the exit mouth, which has been further enlarged to 65 mm allowing for the production of croquettes up to 300 gr. The range of production is very wide: Rice croquettes-potato croquettes-gnocchi-Biscuits-drops of polenta etc. with weights between 20 and 300 gr. The products may also be without filling. The machine includes four forming moulds, and it is possible to match it with an automatic batter-bread machine.


Tanks and pneumatic pumps

Tanks and pneumatic pumps made in Aisi 304 Stainless Steel, available in different volumes. They are designed to be jointed production and packing lines for the unloading and storage of the products.



This cutter is entirely made of stainless steel with an anti-vibration system, it is suitable for the preparation of many dense and semi-dense products like pâté, pesto and sauces.

CAPACITY: 75 lt.
BOWL SPEED: 12 – 24 rpm
KNIFE SPEED: 1500 – 3000 rpm
WEIGHT: 800 kg.


Jelly mixer and filler

This machine is designed to keep the oily level of gastronomical jelly at a constant rate by means of a special stainless steel pump. The stainless steel structure features a support base and is mounted on castors. The mixer is equipped with a filling gun while as an optional, it can also be supplied with a jacketed pan, entirely made of Aisi 306 Stainless Steel, to cool the jelly itself.